Two questions you need to ask before design any business website:

1) How can Clients find my website?

2) How can my website be useful for Clients?

How can Clients find your website?

You have the most beautiful website with the most helpful content? Good for you! But what good it is if Clients never found it to read? 

How can your website be useful for Clients?

Your company organized a big team building, it would look really great on your website to show how big your company is? Who cares? While people want to work with real people, and they want to know if someone is truly behind the screen, what they care the most is still about themselves, not you. They are not getting to know you, they’re getting to know if you can solve their problems.

You want to convert visitors into Clients? Yes, but at first, they should have some good impressions with you, and/or you should make it easy for them.

Look, some potential Clients don’t even read what you write, they just collect email addresses from you and your competitors and send the same email to everyone, to see what’s the best response/price. So your job on your website is to make them easily find your contact info. 

Some would search an answer for their problem and ended up at your page, your job now is to give them a part of solution, but not the full solution. Of course, you don’t want to reveal everything to your Clients and competitors. But still, each page, each content on your website need to answer a search/need of Clients. 

Our services

Our services will help you to solve above problems and also we have 02 options to offer you:

Option 1: No upfront cost

You don’t know if things would work? You don’t want to invest on things you can’t be certain? 
No worries! We will build the website and branding first, without charging you in advance.
However, we own the website, and we decide on all the ideas & everything.
When we have a lead from what we build, we will send it to you, you convert leads into Clients, and you will send us our commission.
If we part way, the website & branding still belong to us, but you can keep the relationship with the Clients if you wish.

Option 2: With upfront cost and monthly cost to maintain the website

You want to own everything? Then of course you need to be willing to pay for upfront cost and monthly cost to maintain the website, this will be included with writing posts SEO-friendly and Client-friendly.

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