Are you looking for web design, web developer services?
You don’t know much about SEO (search engine optimization)?
You don’t know how to make website find Clients?
You don’t know how to do maintenance and upgrade for your website?
You don’t know about risks which make your website unsafe?
You want to connect your website with other digital marketing channels ?

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    Why should you have a website?

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    Nowadays, having a website isn’t unfamiliar in business. Even if your main source of Clients doesn’t come from website, having a website still show your professionalism and trustworthiness to Clients.

    Beside, website helps you to summarize information and send link of the post to Client easily. What’s better than having a website that both help you to create trust in Clients and help you to find new Clients?


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    Why should you hire a service to create & manage website?

    Although learning to create a website by yourself isn’t too difficult, but it takes a lot of time to learn by yourself. If you learn to create a website by yourself, you will lose time to focus on your main task: managing the business. Moreover, beside creating a website, there are other factors such as  search engine optimization (SEO), upgrade website, fix bugs website, back up website, creating email addresses which you don’t have enough time to learn everything.

    More over, all works related to website should be updated regularly, due to technology changes often. If spending too much time on website, you will lose time for other factors.

    Beside, to optimize website, sometimes you need to purchase extra tool & software, which if you buy just one, it would be expensive, but if many companies, businesses buy together, it would be cheap. Thus, when you hire a web design & management service like us, we will have many supporting tools for you.

    Why selecting our services?

    With our previous business experiences, we have overall experiences in creating branding and marketing: from website to social medias such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter … all contribute to bring you to future Clients. And we want to use those experiences for you.

    We understand purpose of website is to find and creating trust with Clients. Thus, a website must meet both factors: search engine optimization (SEO), and beneficial for Clients. If too much favored SEO, then the content will be bored for Clients. If too much writing for Clients, content won’t meet SEO purpose. We always try our best to balance this.

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    This isn’t full solution for your business. This is just part of the solution. We can help you with web design and attract potential Clients, but turning them into Clients or not depend on you. Your success in business depends on many factors, such as: product & service quality, customer service …

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